Con Brio Women’s Choir

Con Brio Women’s Choir

kohn BREE-oh

Adult women

Tuesdays 7:30-9:00pm
Virtual Redmond

Con Brio Women’s Choir is an auditioned, community-based choir for experienced female singers, college-age and above. Weekly rehearsals are both fun and focused, as choir members develop their musicality and prepare music for each concert throughout the year. Singers learn how to improve their own vocal technique while also learning how to be a better choir member, working on blend, tone quality and musical interpretation. The women in the choir find great support in each other and make long-lasting bonds.

Con Brio Women’s Choir performs in the Columbia Choirs concert series and in the community throughout the year. Con Brio has travelled to New York, Arizona, Canada, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah to perform jointly with other women’s choirs and mixed choirs.

Experienced singers will be admitted to Con Brio upon audition.

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Dori BaunsgardDori Baunsgard, Con Brio Conductor
Dori is a Pacific Northwest native who recently returned to Seattle after conducting choirs and teaching music for many years in Tokyo, Japan. In Tokyo her choirs were known for not only their beautiful sound and excellent musicianship, but also for their interesting and innovative repertoire. Ms. Baunsgard has an avid interest in multiple styles and genre of music, including world music. Since Dori’s return to Seattle she has held a variety of music positions and most recently worked as the Interim Choral Director at University Presbyterian Church. Dori is also an accomplished pianist and accompanies for many local groups and soloists. In her accompanying career she has played for many top conductors, including Henry Leck, Edith Copely and Elena Sharkova. She has also worked extensively in musical theater, and has been the musical director for numerous shows, including coaching and performing Bulgarian choral music for a production of “Midsummer Night’s Dream” with the Tokyo International Players. Dori holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Seattle Pacific University and a Master of Music in Choral Conducting with a minor in Theater from Western Washington University. She is excited to be a part of the Columbia Choirs organization!