Announcing the Retirement of Steve Stevens

Announcing the Retirement of Steve Stevens

A Message from Steve Stevens, Founder and current Artistic Director of Columbia Choirs

My career as a professional choral conductor, which began in 1966 at the Angleton Baptist Church in South Texas, will come to a close in June 2021.  I have announced to the board that I am retiring as Founder-Artistic Director of Columbia Choirs on June 30, 2021.  

Although I have enjoyed my 54-year career, at 73 it’s time to happily focus on other things.  I will be forever grateful for the blessing it is to have founded and, with two generations of singers and their families, to nurture an organization that, for 38 years (and counting) has enhanced the lives of thousands of singers.  Columbia’s touring choirs have inspired audiences around the world in concert, while garnering numerous awards and honors along the way.  With your continuing dedication to this wonderful organization, you will be a vital bridge to Columbia Choirs’ continuing out-reach to thousands more singers for many decades to come.  

I leave Columbia Choirs this coming June with a great deal of confidence in the strong leadership of the board of trustees, our artistic staff, and our administrator. They whole-heartedly believe in the mission of our organization and will carefully guide it into the future.  The fact that Columbia Choirs has thrived against all odds during a tumultuous 2020-21, is a tribute to your dedication as members and to their effective leadership.  We are counting on your continuing support of the singer(s) in your family who love singing and enjoy what Columbia Choirs has to offer them.

My love for this organization goes deep and I am honored to assist in the selection of the next Artistic Director.  Any future assistance I may be encouraged to provide is at the ready; substituting, guest conducting, advising, volunteering, etc.  

I am quite proud of what we have collectively accomplished during my tenure and invite you to visit to peruse the listing of tours and honors we’ve accomplished since 1984.

My wife, Sylvia, and I will continue to live in the area for the foreseeable future so we look forward to remaining super fans of Columbia Choirs.  You will see me cheering our singers at concerts in the future.

Best Wishes and thank you for your continuing support of Columbia Choirs,
Steve Stevens, founder-artistic director (1984-2021)

Information about Steve Stevens’ career:Fortunate at age 19 to discover a life-long enjoyment in working with people through choirs of all types, I have had the privilege to be tenor soloist and/or music director at numerous churches in Texas and the Pacific NW, artistic director of Texas Boys Choir (1971-77), NW Boychoir (1977-83), founded the NW Youth choir (now Vocal Point Seattle 1979), founded the nine choirs within Columbia Choirs (Children’s Choir levels 1984, Cantabile Youth Choir (1988), Con Brio Women’s Choir (1989) and Concord Chamber Choir (2010).  In my career I have conducted boys choirs, girls choirs, children’s choirs, youth choirs, men’s choirs, women’s choirs, mixed chamber choirs, church choirs, school choirs, jazz choirs, barbershop men’s choruses and coached and adjudicated numerous choirs around the Pacific NW, the U.S. and Europe.   My choirs have performed at national and regional conventions of choral conductors, toured nationally for professional management companies, recorded numerous album/cds, appeared on national television in the U.S., Canada and in Europe, sung for the British Royal Family, the Pope in Rome and for members of the U.S. Congress and a President of the United States.