Columbia Choirs of Metropolitan Seattle

Executive Director

Lars Myren


Photo of Lars Myren, Executive Director

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that on June 13, 2022, Lars Myren was hired as Columbia Choirs’ first Executive Director. 

Lars has a long-standing connection with Columbia Choirs since 2001, as a singer, marketing director, tour and retreat coordinator, and most recently, President of the Columbia Choirs Board of Directors. He brings detailed knowledge of our organization into his new role as well as a professional background in marketing and business. 

As Executive Director, Lars will oversee Columbia Choirs’ financial management and operations. Together with Artistic Director, Katrina Turman, he will work to ensure we offer the best possible programs to our singers and audiences. It is our sincere wish that Columbia Choirs’ musical and administrative staff feel supported by strong leadership as our organization starts its 39th season. We are very excited to have Lars Myren as part of our leadership team. 

Please join us in welcoming our new Executive Director.

Columbia Choirs has been a musical community for me for the past 21 years. As a young singer in Columbia Choirs, I found a special place where I could be creative, make life-long friends, and find my voice. As Executive Director, I am looking forward to working alongside the Artistic Director Katrina Turman, the Columbia Choirs Staff, and Board of Directors to ensure that those same opportunities will be afforded to singers of all ages for decades to come. Moreover, I am dedicated to working to give more members of the Eastside community the opportunity to experience the power of singing together.

About Lars

Lars Myren, a native of Seattle’s Eastside community, assumes the role as the first Executive Director of Columbia Choirs, with a deep history and attachment to the choirs and organization. Lars began singing in Columbia Choirs at the age of 10. As a youth singer, he was able to experience the power of choral singing under the direction of Columbia Choirs’ founder, Steve Stevens, and perform throughout the community and around the world on tours to California, British Columbia, Ireland, Wales, England, and Italy. After graduating high school, Lars joined the University of Washington Chorale under the direction of Dr. Giselle Wyers and was given the opportunity to explore the rich choral history and traditions of the Baltics on a tour to Estonia, Latvia and Finland. Lars then joined Concord Chamber Choir, the adult chamber ensemble of Columbia Choirs, in 2010.  

Over the years, Lars has had many roles within the organization, as a singer, volunteer, marketing manager, retreat and tour coordinator, photographer/videographer, and most recently, President of the Board of Directors. This broad experience gives Lars a deep understanding of the operations of a youth and adult choral organization, the needs of singers of all ages and their families, and first-hand connection to the impact that Columbia Choirs has had on thousands of singers over the past four decades.