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Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Financial Aid

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Cost to Participate

There are three main costs associated with participating in one of our eight choirs: monthly tuition, yearly dues, and a concert uniform.

Monthly Tuition

Tuition supports our skilled staff and provides the resources needed to offer high-quality musical education and singing experiences for our choirs.

ChoirMonthly Tuition
(2024-25 Season)
Bel Canto$168
Con Brio$52

Tuition is paid in ten monthly payments during the choir season (September through June). Monthly tuition payments cover weekly instruction, learning materials, a Columbia Choirs t-shirt and day retreat fees (if applicable).

** When more than one family member joins Columbia Choirs (at any age), a Family Discount of 10% is applied to the lowest monthly tuition(s). For example, if three members of one family enroll, the two lowest tuitions would reduced by the 10% discount.

Yearly Dues

Columbia Choirs collects yearly membership dues annually upon singer enrollment, which are tax-deductible and eligible for employer matching. Columbia Choirs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with members that vote annually on the Board of Directors and any changes to the structure and purpose of the organization. Annual dues provide current members and their families with a voice and vote in these guiding matters. The two membership types are:

The Family Membership applies to all children and youth singers, and provides a voting membership for up to two adults. Only one membership is required for multiple singers within the organization. The cost of the Family Membership is $75 per family

The Individual Membership applies to all singers in our adult choirs, and provides a voting membership for the singer only. An adult singer can choose a Family Membership if they have multiple singers in Columbia Choirs. The cost of the Individual Membership is $50 per singer.

Concert Uniforms

Concert uniforms are required for singers in all choirs (except Prima). The ability for singer choice has been incorporated into uniform options at all levels to allow singers to wear the uniform that best suits them, and to allow for a range of cost options for singers. Some uniform items, like pants and buttoned shirts, may be sourced from other sources as long as they appear similar to identified styles.

ChoirUniform Costs
Melodia, Harmonia, and Lyrica$41-67
Bel Canto$35-63
Con Brio$44-87
Costs do not include shipping, handling and/or alterations, if needed. Singers must also provide their own black footwear.

Other Costs

Singers in Bel Canto, Cantabile, Con Brio, and Concord are also invited to participate in overnight retreats, summer camps, and tours at an additional cost, based on the scale of the event.

In addition to the items above, all singers perform in at least two yearly concerts as a part of the Columbia Choirs Concert Series. Tickets for friends and family range from $10-20 with the option to “pay what you can”; singers do not have to purchase a ticket.

Financial Aid

Columbia Choirs has a longstanding history of providing financial aid to make choir affordable for any singer that wants to participate. For more information about our efforts to increase access to choral singing, please read Making Choir Accessible for All.

Tuition and Dues

Financial aid is available to reduce monthly tuition and yearly dues. Aid eligibility is determined based on the King County Housing Authority standards; aid awards range from 50% to 100% coverage.

To determine if you are eligible to receive financial aid, and how much coverage you are eligible to receive, you may use the Eligibility Calculator below. If it is determined you are eligible to receive aid, you will have the opportunity to receive a link to the Financial Aid Application to complete the process.


Singers that qualify for Financial Aid, based on the above parameters, are also eligible to receive a new or gently used uniform at no additional cost.

Overnight Retreats, Summer Camps, and Tours

Financial Aid may be available for the additional activities offered by Columbia Choirs. The application process, along with fund availability, will be communicated to all participants when appropriate. Awards for these programs will be determined on a case-by-case basis.