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Prima Registration

Prima Registration

The audition process is stress-free and geared to get to know you and your musical background more.

Auditions are brief, about 15 minutes. The goal of the audition is to get to know you and your musical background. We will vocalize you to better understand your range, vocal flexibility, previous music knowledge, and sight reading experience. Visit the Audition Process Page for each choir for more specifics as to what should be prepared.

Experience the Joy of Columbia Choirs!

Columbia Choirs sessions are led by expert music teachers with over 80 years of combined experience. Your singer will build musical skills in a fun and engaging way, while experiencing a variety of musical styles and traditions from around the world. Our teachers love music and it shows!
Creative connections through music can reduce stress and help kids and teens find their voice. This fall, our teachers have fun activities planned including interactive music games, movement-based activities, and exploration of music from different cultures. No busywork, no stress, our choirs are a safe space for your singer to be creative and build confidence.
At all ages, kids and teens love sharing their interests with friends, learning and growing with peers. Columbia Choirs rehearsals are a non-competitive opportunity to connect with friends who share a love of music. We have introverts and extroverts, serious and quirky – anyone who loves to sing can find a place with us. Whether you join us for one year or twelve, or anything in between, you’ll find a welcoming, inclusive community where many voices make beautiful music together.

A Choir for Every Singer

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All prospective members will have a brief interview toward singing in one of our choirs, where they’ll receive feedback about their readiness to sing with one of our choirs. Contact us today to get started!

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