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Ragazzi is a choir level for male-identifying singers. Singers in Ragazzi will sing a wide variety of songs in high-energy, weekly rehearsals and will develop a greater understanding of musicianship and singing technique.  Skills learned in Ragazzi will be shared through performances locally in our concert series, regionally for public and private events and in retirement communities.

Ragazzi performs in the Columbia Choirs concert series and in the community throughout the year. Young singers will be invited to sing with Ragazzi through a choir placement appointment or by promotion from Melodia.

3rd–6th grade* / male-identifying

*Stated grade levels are approximate. Placement and promotion into Ragazzi is based upon age, musical skill, and behavior.

Thursdays 4:45–6:15 p.m.
Redmond, WA (Education Hill) 

$115 / month (September-June)
Learn more about all costs to participate and available financial aid.

Aly Henniger

Ragazzi, Harmonia Conductor

Aly Henniger has been directing Ragazzi for four years now and Harmonia for the last two. She loves helping young singers develop their vocal skills and confidence. Aly has worked full-time in teaching Middle School Choir for the past five years. She is a Central Washington University Graduate with a double major in Music Education and Vocal Performance and in 2020 received her Masters in Educational Technology from Western Governers University. She has a passion for creating a safe and fun rehearsal environment where students can learn healthy techniques for using their voice. Aly is very excited to be a part of the Columbia Choirs team and work with talented, young musicians.


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