Olga Melnik

Olga Melnik

Melodia-Thursday Conductor

Conducting Staff

Olga Melnik is a seasoned and passionate children’s choir conductor with experience in leading and nurturing young voices. She began studying music at the age of 4 and has carried her love for singing throughout her formative years, spanning school, college, university, and her professional career. She holds a B.A. (Summa Cum Laude) in Music, specializing in choir conducting. Her educational background also includes Master of Education studies at St. Petersburg Pedagogical University.

Olga is known for creating an engaging environment for music enthusiasts that fosters musical growth, self-expression, and a love for singing. Prior to joining Columbia, Olga served as a conductor and music teacher in several music schools and children’s academies in the Seattle area. She founded and served as the artistic conductor of the Confetti choir, which aims to broaden children’s horizons through songs and stories from various countries and continents, presented in their native languages. They also discover the joy of making music as one team. In addition, Olga was a member of the Seattle Symphony Chorale, performing at the Benaroya Hall and contributing to the rendition of monumental music by composers such as Handel, Beethoven, and Orff.


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